mikemeseymike-full-throttle-girlsMike Mesey, After many years with Chuck Berry and long time member of Head East, has decided to pursue his Dream by building the Worlds only Chopper Drumset. Mike has worked very hard to find what he feels is the perfect combination of musicians in his life along with recording a new video( nominated for "Music Video of the Year" 2013 L A Music Awards) and C D. Mike has wanted to bring back A part of the old rock days with a Big Stage set up. ( Yes 14 4/12 custom made Power cabinets ). Mike has played almost every city in the U S and almost every major Motorcycle event from Full Throttle and Buffalo Chip in Sturgis to Daytona, Minneapolis to Texas and Vegas to Atlantic City and is ready to do them again. Mike has performed at major venues including Busch Stadium, The fox Theater, Arena's and amphitheaters to the Super Bowl in Miami to a World Wide Broadcast at the Space Center in Pasadena.

Mike has been Privileged to have played shows with such artists as Sammy Hagar, ZZ Top, Boston, Cheap Trick, Stix, Paul Rodgers, and many many more. A few quotes from some Major Magazines around the Country about Mike, Thunder Roads "Being both Passionate about Motorcycles and a Renowned Rock Drummer, lead Mike Mesey to the Most Bad Ass Drumset", Motorcycle USA " Rock and Roll and Motorcycles have always gone together, But Mike Mesey has taken this relationship to another level", and Baggers Magazine "Renowned Drummer Mike Mesey Builds One of a Kind Chopper Drumset with help from Custom Chopper Shop. In Conclusion Chuck Berry said it best about Mike Mesey, Quote " When It's time to Rock, You really Rock, No I Mean, You Really Rock". Mike has Loved his life in Music and carries his life in music on with Zwarte.

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